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kaia naturals THE UNDERARM BAR 6oz



The underarm bar is an anti-bacterial soap that uses the power of Apple Cider Vinegar and Activated Charcoal to leave a protective barrier in the underarm area, ensuring any natural deodorant works. It allows for more hours of odor free assurance on the hottest of days.

This Bar is ideal for:

Anyone that needs a little extra help with odor throughout the day

1. Anyone struggling with their natural deodorant

2. Men and Women that experience increased odordue to underarm hair

3. Children that are not ready for deodorant but could use a little help some days

4. When transitioning from antiperspirant to natural deodorant (see stages of detox)

Follow the instructions and you will never worry about odor break through during the day

For best results, use the ‘better together’ method, combining the charcoal underarm bar with the takesumi detox charcoal deodorant.

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